The last few years have seen “The Podosphere” go from strength to strength. Spearheaded by offbeat successes such as S-Town, Serial and Missing Richard Simmons, you can now find the likes of Russell Brand and Joe Rogan hosting talk-shows that are readily available to listeners across multiple platforms. Podcasts have entered the mainstream conversation.

Viewing habits have shifted from traditional broadcasters to on-demand services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime and listening conventions are not too far behind, with podcasting being the main disrupter to the dominance of talk radio. Podcasts are experiencing the kind of steady year-on-year growth that show the medium is here to stay.

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People may not have time to read or watch as part of their daily routine, but they may well have time to listen. On their commute, in the work place, or while doing household tasks, people’s ears are open to the unique opportunity that podcasts provide to connect with listeners in an intimate and consistent manner.

Podcasts are great if:

· You’re a big corporate looking for a new approach to disseminating information to employees in an engaging way. (e.g. a global company such as Coca Cola could easily replace the old CEO’s blog with a podcast and connect with a workforce on a deeper level)

· You have a network of clients you want to stay in touch with while standing out in a crowded marketplace (e.g. a recruiter, a professional services firm or a realtor)

· You, as a new venture or start-up, want to use the hottest medium to release great content to the market and find new customers.

As a podcast creator, producer and coach, I’ve helped forward-thinking start-ups, consultancy firms, app developers, public speakers and business service providers achieve their podcasting goals. I’ve seen first-hand the benefits that a podcast brings to the business in terms of building relationships, ordering thoughts, increasing influence and creating magnetic marketing content. Is your business ready to take a step outside of the box and create your own digital audio soapbox? 2018 is your moment.